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Atlas Roofing and Siding offers a full range of services including the installation of new roofs, roof maintenance, roof repairs and re-roofing services for both Residential and Commercial projects including homes, offices, warehouses and multi-family dwellings. With over 10 years of expertise, you are assured of knowledgeable and professional service, regardless of your needs. Atlas Roofing and Siding is your premier Columbus roofer.

01. Our Vision

Our vision is simple. We strive to over deliver in every area that we serve the Central Ohio market. This includes how we deal with home owners, the quality we deliver both in materials and workmanship.

02. Our Mission

Provide our service in such a way to respect the home owner the same way as you would a close family member.

03. Our Value

Value is not merely defined by price. Value is the combination of competitive pricing coupled with superior quality and that’s the value you can expect.

04. Expanding Goal

Our goal as well as primary source for new customers is to do a job so well that as a home owner you would be proud and even compelled to recommend our service to those whom you know.

Company History

Roofing since 2003

When we formed Atlas Roofing and Siding we agreed on the following principles:

Install the best! We install only the best products in the business. The Atlas Shingles have the longest warranties in their class. Our siding and window products are the industry best! Our windows were crowned Consumers Digest Best Buy!

Make the experience to the homeowner a positive one.

We try to make the experience as least intrusive on your family as possible. We send a large enough crew to finish most jobs in one day. If you are going to be inconvenienced – make it as short a time span as possible!

Our crews are very respectful of your property and as a result, we work quickly, quietly and professionally.

Clean up is critical. When we leave the job – it should be in better condition than when we started. Every detail is important including using a magnetic roller to pick up any loose nails. We move the dumpster in and out the same day so you don’t have a big clunky trash bin on your property longer than you have to.

Perform the work as if you were doing it for your family.

Thank the homeowner for having the faith in us to do the job.

Screen all workers for the client’s security. Your home is your safe haven. You should only allow trustworthy people around your home and your family!

We hope you choose Atlas Roofing and Siding. We are confident that no other company will give you a better experience and better products for your home or business!